Our training platform simulates real-world healthcare scenarios to more effectively and efficiently train healthcare professionals.  Our modules are developed in close collaboration with doctors, education institutions, and healthcare companies to create realistic scenarios and experiences.  Our goal is to ensure scenarios performed in the real world lead to improved outcomes and accuracy.  

This platform enables:

  • Medical device and pharmaceutical companies to train doctors and patients on how to use and engage with their drugs, products and technologies
  • Healthcare systems and providers to train doctors, residents, nurses and other staff on complex procedures and surgeries to improve outcomes
  • Medical and residency programs to enable students to perform procedures and surgeries virtually prior to performing on patients
  • Long term care facilities to train their staff on safe, more effective ways of working with patients and performing their duties

The benefits of our training platform:

  • Reduce overall training costs and time (including onboarding)
  • Improve information retention
  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduce risk