Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies

The need for effectiveness and efficiency for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies is greater than ever before given pricing pressures, modest growth & productivity rates, stronger competition, consolidation of customers, and higher customer expectations.  The rise of patient centricity is also shifting the way Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies need to work.  These organizations are quickly turning to technology to create greater value in the products/solutions they develop and how they educate customers and patients on those products/solutions.  

The Body VR’s solutions can help these organizations become more effective and efficient by utilizing our proprietary, immersive VR technology to:

  • Train their own internal staff on their products and offerings
  • Educate payers, doctors and patients on the efficacy of drugs, products and technologies so they can make informed decisions
  • Educate patients for recruitment into clinical trials  
  • Train doctors and patients on how to safely use and engage with drugs, products and technologies
  • Utilize comprehensive medical records that include virtual simulations to track efficacy of drugs, products and technologies
  • Experiment and develop new technologies and drugs by integrating into the innovation cycle and consequently see the impact of key decisions (e.g., trial and error).

The benefits include:

  • Increasing demand for specific drugs, products, and technologies
  • Safer usage of these solutions
  • Stronger data to refine and improve solutions
  • Improved speed to market
  • More patient centricity to boost recruitment and reduce costs in clinical trials